Severn-friendly landscaping

Do you love to garden … and want to help the Severn River?

This year, as you plan your summer garden and yard, consider “Native Landscaping”!!!

Being a Severn-friendly homeowner is easy and has many benefits.  You can reduce pollutants seeping into the Severn River, decrease your yard maintenance and watering, and increase enjoyment of your home by attracting birds and butterflies.

Carrollton Manor recently completed a restoration of HillBottom Beach.  We used lots of native plants in our new “conservation rain gardens”.

If you are interested in learning more about how to “Garden for the Severn”, here are some excellent resources (now also found on



CMIA Key and Parking Sticker Day

Saturday March 19th, 9:00am – 1:00pm
Severna Park Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, 506 Benfield Rd.

All CMIA gate keys and parking stickers will expire this year!

All CMIA community property keys and parking stickers will change in 2016! Don’t risk being locked out of HillBottom Beach, or the Crab Away pier, because your keys aren’t current!!!

Don’t risk being towed, or refused entrance, to HillBottom Beach because you don’t have current parking tags/stickers!


All community property locks will be changed [about] May 1, 2016.

Please bring all necessary paperwork and documentation to Key Day.   Please, bring current tag/registration info with you- HillBottom Beach parking stickers will be recorded and sticker ##/tag## documented. Parking tags/stickers will not be issued to a vehicle without required documentations.

Sign up sheets for ‘Kayak Rack’ slip lottery will be available. Applications for ‘Pier Slip’ wait list can be found here on our web page.