Meet Circuit Judge Candidates 4/12; GSPC 4/26

From GSPC’s Maureen York:

Next Tuesday [4/12], we will have an opportunity to hear and evaluate 7 candidates for Circuit Court Judge.  This position is on your primary ballot for April 26th (or in Early Voting) and it is incredibly important.  Why?  Because the individuals who are elected will serve for the next 15 years without standing for another election and the decisions they make in administering justice in civil, criminal and family law cases have an impact on every one of us.  Do not miss your opportunity to meet the candidates and listen to them explain their reasons for seeking, or continuing to serve in,  this very important office.   Please be sure to attend the meeting and learn who they are, the experience they bring, and their general approach to the work of a Circuit Court Judge.

Our regular meeting will follow, and the agenda is attached.  Also attached is the current Watch List, the minutes of our last general meeting, the minutes of the Cattail Creek Caucus, and some information from the Severn River Association.